"How in the world am I gonna have this girl's hair made partly of kale and it not be a food violation? ... Or seen as totally unsanitary?" This was my thought when the idea of Kale's hair came to me, I knew that I wanted it to do two things. For one, I wanted to explore food accessibility. Children should have access to fresh local fruits and veggies! Veggies should be close at all times. As close as they would be if it were to grow out of their heads!

Second, I wanted to show the power of embracing natural hair... something that Kale does because for her, kale is a part of her natural hair.

Hair was so important to me growing up. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent sitting between my mom's legs as she did my hair. As a child, hair always reminded me of a plant; the care and love it needed and the joy I got from taking care of it. Kale is all about the power of taking care of her hair or her "glory," as she calls it.

Taliyah Coles, a vocalist for The Tale of Chef Kale, is extremely passionate about healthy hair. She is one unbelievably talented and knowledgeable young lady who has a lot to offer the hair care world! Click here to check out her latest YouTube video all about food choices and the connection to the health of hair! I feel pretty honored to have her as a sister and collaborator!

Until next week, whatever you are eating, just go ahead and throw some Kale on it!