Chef Kale demonstrating the food prep equipment.

Chef Kale demonstrating the food prep equipment.

Yesterday I was looking back at my very first Chef Kale notes. I had a totally different concept. At one point I thought Chef Kale would literally live in the ground and be some kind of eternal vegetable! Lol To see where I was, and where I am now is so funny. Every workshop has been a stepping stone and I've gotten just a bit further and clearer with my vision.

My next show on November 2nd at 3:30pm is apart of the United Solo Festival. I honestly never saw Chef Kale as a solo show; I always wanted a 4-5 person ensemble. I began performing Chef Kale as a one woman show when I had so many ideas I was going to burst! I had to let them out!  Solo performance is always my go to. It has been quite the experience. I have enjoyed the intimacy that solo performance offers with the audience. I have been able to really connect with some children in the audience in a way that may have been challenging with a full cast.

 My last workshop of Chef Kale ended with an exploration of the set! The children came up and took pieces of the set home, which meant they left with tons of fruits and veggies in hand. I loved interacting with them after the show and showing how some of the food prep equipment worked. Their faces would light up with amazement at these veggies, because these veggies were now famous veggies that they get to take home and eat.

The show has developed into many versions. There's one that I dream to perform where the set could feed over 12 households! In each version, I hope to offer something profound, and on Wednesday I just want to connect to my audience and remind them that Kale loves them!

Until Next Week! Throw some kale in yo mouth!