Now is the time for creating and visioning about what is next. I'm so excited about introducing Chef Kale all over again. Every performance teaches me something that affirms the concept and brings clarity to her world. The most recent performance at United Solo Festival taught me about the power of connection, active listening, and improvisation. The Tale of Chef Kale is an experience and does not exist without witnesses of the story. The connection that Chef Kale has to the audience is based on active listening. It is about trusting that the actor can become Chef Kale honestly and authentically, while engaging with the audience and keeping the rhythm of the show. It is about being intentional about engaging with the audience and stay true to the story when responding. It is about being open with what is said, and being prepared to live through a response.

This show is now more alive than I've ever imagined. I've dreamed up many different experiences and journeys that Chef Kale will take the audience on... Stay tuned as I share.

In the meantime... Throw some Kale in ya mouth!