To Kale!

To Kale!

"I really didn’t like kale…like at all. I thought it was an invasive vegetable. The texture was unexpectedly jarring to my tongue. The taste would leave my face looking like someone pushed past me.  My teeth were tired after three bites, and I was over it by the time I sat down to eat it.  Yep. "

Well... Thank you for joining the Behind The Seeds journey! I am excited and scared out of my mind about this process. Which is exactly where I want to be. I really don’t think the idea of Chef Kale came to me all in one moment. I think it developed slowly, and that for a while I didn’t even know I was developing anything. It’s kind of like when you are stopped in the middle of a sentence because you either have to sneeze, cough, or burp but you have no idea which one it is…but whatever it is, it has caused you to completely stop what you are doing. It has interrupted your entire body and you must give it your full attention. That’s what creating Chef Kale has been for me…and I have loved being in love with this, upset with this, sad with this, and so so annoyed that half the time I can't seem to get out what I want to say (at least not in the same way that it came out in my brain.)

Anyway, back to passionately disliking kale. I really wanted to like kale, because I had read so much about how amazing kale was for us. I wanted everything it had to offer. I was so determined to fall in love with kale. I would put it in smoothies, chop it up into unrecognizable pieces, juice it, toss it, flip it, run around with it. Eat it in the dark, Eat it in a park. All that. I really still didn’t like it.  I would even go as far as telling people that I loved kale, just to see if I could trick myself. After a while, I think I just actually started to like it, so I guess that worked.

I think that I expected Kale to taste like sugared chicken or something because that was what I was use to at the time. And at that time my taste buds were completely conditioned for sugar and fried foods. It’s funny;  claiming that I loved kale before I actually loved kale caused me to research more about the benefits. Then, continuing the research of the benefits is what sparked the idea of Chef Kale to slowly unfold. I am so thankful for that I took the time to love Kale because it has changed my life.

Until next week,