"Thank you to Soda pop , Skittles, Sour Patch and McGriddles,
Fun Dip, Hot Dogs, Candied Yam.
Dollar Store Bacon and that red crayon I ate when I was little... Slim Jims and Beef Jerky... and all 6 flavors of Gum I swallowed every year, Sugar Sticks and Birthday Cake mix. If it was not for you, I would not know green. When ya look back at it... You can find God in it all." - My 2015 New Years Eve Toast to My Journey

Gratitude and positive language. This is the foundation for the style of language I use to write Chef Kale. Often times when I began changing the way I ate, there was so much shame involved in some of the teachings of healthy lifestyles and such guilt about choices in the past and all of that sometimes creates really negative self talk.

I would have moments where I gave into my cravings. You would have thought that I punched a baby panda in the throat, tipped a kitten, AND took all the Vitamin A out of all the kale leaves in the world! I would be so upset with myself. I would walk with my head held down all day long and probably would have worn a sign that said "I failed on my healthy eating/lifestyle change goals. Don't look at me." Then I began to wonder; can I learn to make changes without coming from a place of shame and guilt? Without my days of eating a pack of bacon in one sitting, would I really understand the contrast of how I feel eating a batch of kale?

When people experience Chef Kale, I want there to be liberation in the room. This is about inspiring people to want more for their health and wellness! "I can and I will" kinda vibes and that "what if I could " kinda curiosity. This should feel like the unexpected breeze you didn't know you needed on a hot day you weren'tunprepared for.

Grounded by this, toss in a little Ntozake Shange, rub some Dr. Seuss in and sprinkle some Jasmine randomness, and there we have what I aspire to be the language of Chef Kale; the same kind of language that I used to change my lifestyle.

Till next week folks. Throw some kale in ya mouth!