The creative process is one that I take great pride in. I sometimes love and also can't stand not knowing what is next but trusting that its going to be epic. I have been thinking about the next steps of Chef Kale for a long time. I have so many moments of just drawing a blank and not being able to articulate what I want. When I get confused like that, I always go talk to children, because they identify so quickly with simplicity and filter everything else.
This is one of my favorite stories to tell about children and their relationship to the unknown. Once I was babysittinga 4 year old boy and he drew a picture with scribbles all over the paper and I guessed the it was a storm. I was wrong. Then I guessed that it was the wind. I was wrong again. I may have made about 3 more guesses until he said, " No, it's faith. " And for some reason that made so much sense to me. Faith in my creative process rarely involves logic and is dependent on the imagination and intuition. I have to be so connected to my work that even when I don't know what it is, and I've guessed wrong over and over there is something my work wants to teach me and I have to be patient enough to wait until it reveals itself to me. 

More to come. Until next time... Throw some kale in ya face!