This entry was written by Iliyah Coles, 16. She is one of the songwriters for The Tale of Chef Kale.

Hello, readers!

My name is Iliyah Coles, and I'm one of the songwriters of Chef Kale. Today, I wanted to write about my thoughts on the show. For starters, I really enjoy the message of the series and how being Black and being healthy connect. It's definitely important to eat the foods that are good for you and get enough exercise everyday. Chef Kale shows us that being healthy isn't just a lifestyle; it's a lifesaver. I think this lesson is one that everyone should be taught, which is why it is incorporated into the songs that we've (my sisters and I) have written. There is definitely an intricate creative process when we write the songs. One thing we do first is make sure that we know what the song will be about. We often come up with the lyrics even before the melody so we don't lose the message in the tune. The lyrics have to do with which specific message we want the song to be about, whether it be about soul food, chewing, or even digesting! After the lyrics are written, the tune of the chorus is usually thought of first. The verses are generally built around that, and with some accompaniment added behind it, you have a song! In my opinion, the songs are really catchy (not that I'm biased in any way.) Most people would assume that the entire series, including the songs, are specifically geared towards the younger audiences, but I disagree. Chef Kale can reach all audiences, if not by the creative characters or the insightful songs, then by the universal message that it conveys to its viewers. Thanks for reading!