2017. Chef Kale is ready to go off y'all! lol. I am honestly attempting to calm down all my ideas because focus is my biggest lesson. I tend to look at 234,234 things at once and attempt to do them all. So this year is about focus, diligence, persistence, and gratitude. Let's start with gratitude.

First, I want to start by thanking the ones who listened. Those who listened when I had no idea what I was even talking about. Thank you Kim Bonham, Brian Bell, Ashley Davis, Cassandra Phillips, Singleton Coles, Justin Coles, Kedest Firdaweke, Princess Best, Crystal Roberts, Donnie Joyner, Amber Marie, Drew Little, Nick Webster, Olivia Luna, Dina Casellini, Matteo Casellini, Taja Lindley, Jessica Valories, Audrey Hailes, Alison Kibbe, Nick Anderson, Jason Muckle, John Bonham, Kim Exum, Candis Jones, Antonio Harris, Eden Dimarco, Raven Wilkes,  Isaiah Coles, the entire class of 2014 at Academy of Healing Nutrition, Sheila Jones, Egerton-Warburton Family,  Cavanagh Family,  Vera Kolen, Kym Coles, Dana Henson, Ashley Henson, Dave Ruch, Wendy Jerome, the man at the veggies smoothie truck, the whole foods cash register in Columbus Circle, and the tree in Central Park. Every time someone listened, I understood more about what I wanted to do.

Thank you for those have added their talent and skills into this project: Taliyah Coles, Iliyah Coles, Jehiyah Coles, Rose Stroman, Joshua Grace... and a huge thank you to Marisa Munnings. This woman has been working alongside, traveling, uplifting, creating, basically using all her talents towards Chef Kale and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you for all you do Marisa. And finally thank you, Jasmine. For being courageous and vulnerable enough to move this journey forward. #Positiveselftalk is one of Kale's values... gotta practice what ya preach :)

2017. Let's go!