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We are so excited to share our very first Fun Meal Friday! Weekly, we'll be bringing you a fun recipe that the whole family can enjoy. This week, we'll be making Armonchies! This silly name tells us what special way this treat will help our bodies. Armonchies will give our bodies fiber to help our hearts and iron to keep our blood moving! 


An apple (whatever type you prefer; we used organic honey crisps here)

1/2 cup Dates (pitted)

1/4 Cup of water

3 tablespoons dried mulberries

1 tablespoon vanilla powder

Now here's how we make it!

1. Wash your apple!

2.  Lay your apple down horizontally and slice. Feel free to keep your layers as thin or thick as you want. That makes it more fun to stack! Once you're finished, stack your apple back up vertically and wait for the next ingredient.

3.Place your dates in a blender or food processor with a teeny tiny bit of water. Blend until you create a paste like consistency. Place in a container to get the blender or food processor ready up for your next step.

4. Place mulberries and vanilla powder in the blender and pulse to make a thick powder.

5. Spread your date paste in between each layer of your apple, adding a sprinkle of powder on top of the paste before each layer. 

6. (And most important) ENJOY!

Feel free to double or triple this recipe so that everyone can enjoy! Until next week!