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JASMINE EILEEN COLES: Chef Kale, Artistic Director

Jasmine Eileen Coles is a storyteller, just like the dark leafy green Kale. Just as Kale's vitamin C serves many vital functions in the body, Jasmine shares stories that shifts paradigms, ignites change and cultivates dialogues around themes that are vital to the human experience. Mer most joyful memories include: Marie Laveau in Daughters of the Bayou (Weeksville Heritage Center,) Shug Avery in The Color Purple (White Plains Regional Premiere,)  Monette: A One Woman Show (Off Broadway,)  Uncle Tom: Deconstructed (The Conciliation Project,) and directing and divising Her: The New Kween (Anacostia Arts Center.) Her original one woman shows have performed at several festivals and conferences throughout the east coast. She is a proud B.F.A graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University.





ILLlYAH COLES: Vocalist/ Composer

Illiyah Coles has been singing since she was 3 years old. She sings in the top of her church choir at her school and has sung in several concerts and shows. Illiyah also performs at her church. Illiyah believes that the vegetable she is most like is broccoli. She believes that, just like broccoli, she is strong headedand well built. Also, juut as broccoli gives the body vitamin C to help connect tissues, Illiyah believes that she brings feeling to a song by connecting to the words and the music.


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JEHIYAH COLES: Vocalist/Composer

Jehiyah Coles has been singing since she was two. She sings at the top choirs in her school. Jehiyah has performed for large crowds on numerous occasions. She performs at many church events. She has also participated in her school play. Jehiyah believes the fruit she is most like are grapes. This is because she likes doing things with a group instead of alone and grapes travel in clusters too. Jehiyah is unpredictable just like grapes, you never know what color they are going to be. Just like grapes, inside of her it is something even better.Just like grapes contain powerful antioxidant that helps prevent many types of cancer, Jehiyah contains a powerful amount of love that helps prevent harmful things from happening to the people around her.


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JOSHUA GRACE: Music Director

Music Director, Joshua Grace, is thrilled to be invited to play in the creative garden os Chef Kale, bringing the sounds of Rose Island to life! Favorite Musical Director credits include West Side Story, The Last Five Years, and Oz. Much like a tomato is known for it's different uses, Joshua's varied artistic endeavors as a singer, trombonist, actor, writer and conductor have included appearances with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, performances at The Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and various stages throughout the country. He is an avid musician and arts education enthusiast, and holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Virginia Commonwealth University.




KIM BONHAM: Wig Master

Kim Bonham is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, holds a Bachelor's Degree from Concord University and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. She enjoys styling natural hair as a hobby and brings it into her social work by developing trainings for foster and adoptive parents to support the cultural needs of African American children that join their families. Kim does so to instill tools for healthy hair care as they contribute to positive self esteem and identity formation. Kim's goal is to be just like cabbage! Just as the vegetable containing vitamin E and silicone strengthens and grows the hair, she seeks to do the same. She is honored to be asked by the creator of The Tale Of Chef Kale, her daughter, to be wig master on this wonderful project.





MARISA MUNNINGS: Costume Designer and Personal Creative Assistant

Marisa Munnings is a creative currently based in Boynton Beach, Fl. She enjoyed designing and creating the costume for such a delightful and meaningful show. Marisa feels most connected to the orange. Aside from being popular in her native state, oranges can be consumed to strengthen the emotional body by encouraging joy. Marisa hopes to do the same with her work.


TALIYAH COLES: Vocalist/ Composer

Taliyah has been singing since she was 2 years old. She sings in the top of her school choir and has won numerous competitions. Taliyah also performs at church events with her sisters. Taliyah feels she is most like the beet; beets are good for your heart. In the same way, Taliyah sings from her heart and she reaches out to those around her using her voice.